Waste Water Engineering

Wastewater is water whose properties have been changed by domestic, industrial, agricultural or other use and water (sewage) discharged with it during dry weather as well as the run-off and collected water (rainwater) from built-up or paved areas due to rainfall. Sewage also includes the liquids discharged and collected from waste treatment and storage plants.

The world-wide industrial development of recent decades, with its effects on the manufacture of goods and on the consumption patterns and health habits of the population, has led to an appreciable increase in the volume of wastewater. In this respect, targeted wastewater disposal (WWD), involving careful analysis and taking into account not only the local conditions and options but also the environmental aspects of the relevant plant, can bring about the necessary improvements. As a rule, these relate to measures not only in the fields of wastewater technology, but also in the fields of law, administration, business management and organisation.

The necessary improvements should also aim to achieve reasonable representation for women, as one of the target groups, in the institutions and bodies responsible for wastewater disposal. This is the best way to guarantee that their legitimate interest in participating in the development and implementation of administrative, business and environmental monitoring regulations will be served.

Waste water generation, disposal and recycling is one of the most important activities that all the countries would be involved in. A few models and also software development in the area are given below.

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